Mews House – Adding Outdoor Space

Lack of outdoor space in Mews Houses is often resolved with the addition of either a roof terrace, balcony or terrace room (retractable roof – convertible ‘winter garden’).

Creating Outdoor Areas

Space is often at a premium in the UK. In most of the country, around 20% of households live in flats, many of which have no garden or balcony space. The problem is compounded in areas where most of the accommodation is apartments.

One way to effectively increase the amount of outdoor living space on a property is to build a roof terrace, but where should you begin? During the early stages of the planning process, it is important for the design team to work closely with the homeowner or developer to determine exactly what is expected of the finished roof terrace and how it will be used.

There are quite a few factors that influence the general project costs for a flat roof or roof terrace.The budget for a project of this kind can range anywhere from £5,000 for a simple flat roof, all the way to £50,000 and beyond for a spacious, intricate roof terrace. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that adding a roof terrace or converting your pitched roof into a flat one will noticeably increase the value of your house. Here are a few examples…..

Beautiful roof terrace with cedar fencing and feature living wall
Beautiful roof terrace with cedar fencing and feature living wall

Love a living wall?

We do too. Clever vertical planting can create a lush oasis of verdant greenery in the smallest garden space.

Loft Stairs

Start your project

If you are thinking of buying a Mews house or plan to renovate and extend an existing home, we can help you maximise your project’s potential, research its planning history and advise on any limitations.

We prepare and submit planning applications for freehold or estate management consents to various estates such as Grosvenor & Cadogan.

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