Mews House Renovation Costs

The build cost will depend on several variables including the complexity of the design, extent of structural works and level of fixtures, fittings and material finishes. Continue reading to learn more.

Mews House Renovations

If you are looking to renovate,  add additional floor space or terrace and add character to your Mews House property your first choice to contact is RBD.  Our particular specialism is Mews House Architecture, a type of property that is probably more frequently and extensively developed than any other kind of London property, despite their historical charms, Mews Houses tend not to be listed and that means there is a lot more freedom when it comes extending and renovating.  You can put in a lift, add a roof terrace or balcony,  add subterranean floors as well as the addition of a mansard-roof extension.

Many traditional mews properties have been converted to offer light-filled, open plan spaces, utilising the latest developments in ‘green’ energy and smart technology. While local planning rules may prevent alteration to the facades of mews properties, their interior spaces can be reconfigured to provide the perfect environment for a modern everyday living.

Architectural Design Fees

We structure our fees in accordance with the RIBA Plan of Works, which divides a project into 4 distinct stages. These stages present a clear and easy to follow method from feasibility through to planning, building regulation compliance to building on site. At each stage a percentage of an overall fee is applied to cover the work relevant to that particular stage.

 The overall fee for a project is generally a percentage of the building contract sum, and is calculated using an industry recognised fee scale.  Fee scale percentages for Mews House projects typically vary from 11 to 13%, depending on the scale and complexity of the work and level of services expected from RBD. This provides a fair system which takes into account the amount of work required for varying projects sizes and their type. Occasionally this can be adjusted for project specific requirements, others clients prefer as a fixed price lump sum or on a time charge basis. How much or how little you commission our services is up to you – from an initial design discussion through to the final delivery of the project on site.

We advise that project budgets take into account our fee, and those of all appointed consultants, statutory fees, the cost of the works and VAT. RIBA also publish a useful guide on ‘Working with an Architect for your Home’ .

Conversion Costs

The build cost will depend on several variables including the complexity of the design, extent of structural works and level of fixtures, fittings and material finishes.

Renovation Costs

The cost for a house renovation is very much variable, depending on what the project includes. Changing the kitchen will have a higher price than just repainting it.

To calculate a ballpark figure, the average cost of a house renovation starts from £1,250 per sqm including finishes like flooring, kitchen, tiles, sanitary ware. etc. Depending on the type of finishes and the size of the alterations, the cost per sqm can go up to virtually any price.

Basement Conversion Costs

Creating Additional Outdoor Area

Space is often at a premium in the UK. In most of the country, around 20% of households live in flats, many of which have no garden or balcony space. The problem is compounded in areas where most of the accommodation is apartments.

One way to effectively increase the amount of outdoor living space on a property is to build a roof terrace, but where should you begin? During the early stages of the planning process, it is important for the design team to work closely with the homeowner or developer to determine exactly what is expected of the finished roof terrace and how it will be used.

There are quite a few factors that influence the general project costs for a flat roof or roof terrace.The budget for a project of this kind can range anywhere from £5,000 for a simple flat roof, all the way to £50,000 and beyond for a spacious, intricate roof terrace. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that adding a roof terrace or converting your pitched roof into a flat one will noticeably increase the value of your house.

Start Your Project

If you are thinking of buying a Mews house or plan to renovate and extend an existing home, we can help you maximise your project’s potential, research its planning history and advise on any limitations.

We prepare and submit planning applications for freehold or estate management consents to various estates such as Grosvenor & Cadogan.

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