Layering your favourite décor accessories

But of course ‘layers’ don’t necessarily have to mean just blankets and quilts – it can also pertain to décor items, because in addition to adding interest and style to your space, layering can also help to create a homey feel, making it both cosy and inviting – and isn’t that what all homes are supposed to be, regardless of the season?

1. For your bed

It’s time to break out those duvets, but see this as a styling opportunity to add layers of colours and patterns to your sleeping space. Imagine how much more cosy (and warm) your bedroom is going to look (and feel) with some textured faux-fur pillows and a quilted throw blanket.

Layering ideas for a bed

2. Add Interest

We’re not sure about you, but there’s something about a bare and minimalist-like space that makes it look and feel cold in winter. And while it’s true that adding a beautiful mirror or piece of artwork to your sideboard won’t make your home feel warmer, it will help in adding interest to a bare and empty space – plus save you any repainting when you think it’s time to change up your display.

Sideboard with vases to add interest

3. Stock up on layers

Where in your home can you add another layer? A hide rug on top of the wool one in the living room? A warm throw over the ottoman in the guest bedroom?

Layers and cushions on sofas in a lounge

4. Speaking of rugs…

We love hardwood floors, but unless there’s underfloor heating involved, winter is no time to be walking around barefoot on them. Rather layer a large rug over those beautiful wooden surfaces to create a warm and inviting ambience in your home.
Plus, it’s a great way to introduce some more (or even new) colours and motifs into your design.

Seating area with a rug as an acccessory

5. To give some character

More items means less empty (and cold-looking) space, but of course we’re not suggesting that you clutter up your home!
Merely style up a bedside table here and there with a handful of your favourite items, like a stack of books and a potted plant, and perhaps a printed art piece neatly resting atop the table against the wall – it can include a dash of extra colour for your bedroom.

Bedside table styled with accessories

6. More opportunities for layers

Of course there is big potential in any home for additional layers, from layered rugs and styled-up coffee tables to a beautiful artwork resting atop the fireplace mantle.
And just think about the possibilities when it comes to a few more scatter cushions on the bed and sofas…

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