Mews House Restoration & Mansard Roof Extension On Site

Knightsbridge Mews House Restoration & Mansard Roof Extension

The Project

Ennismore Mews, London SW7 1AN

Works continue to progress at this Mews house restoration and mansard roof extension in Knightsbridge. Demolition of the Mews house is underway  as the scaffolding is been erected for the new mansard roof which will accommodate a further 2 bedrooms for this family home.  Works commenced in May 2022 and due to complete autumn 2023.

Scope of Work

Demolition and redevelopment of an existing single family dwelling behind a retained and altered façade including a new second floor mansard roof extension.

The Design Response

All demolition is now complete and the house is being reconstructed.

A sheeted scaffold and tin hat roof protects the site from the elements.

The steel core structure in now complete up to roof level. From this core, steel beams span to the external walls to carry the floor joists on each level.

The side walls of the house are being reconstructed in cavity blockwork. In some areas, openings in the side walls are being formed using steel beams to make the adjacent rooms bigger.

The floors are being constructed using Posi Joists. Unlike traditional timbers, these have a steel web allowing pipework and services to be installed through them.

The staircase will be located in the central core. The staircase design centers around a square open stairwell with splayed treads which all meet at a central setting out point. The continual, zig zag type step and riser design has no internal stringer which helps make each flight appear light and elegant.

The staircase supporting structure comprises of a site welded, cantilevers metal plate with concealed external metal stringer. This is currently being cloaked in plywood, on which will be fitted on all sided in engineered wood flooring, carefully crafted to create the final sweeping wood design.

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