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RBD Architecture & Interiors are leaders in the field of residential Mews House renovations, refurbishments and extensions.

Mews House Renovations, Refurbishments and Extensions

Mews houses are a unique style of architecture that have been around since the 18th and 19th centuries. Originally used as coach houses for horses and carriages kept behind grand townhouses, they have since been adapted to residential use and can now be found in some of the most desirable areas of London.

Characterised by their charm an character, mews homes have been the subject of many successful renovations and extensions, often carried out in a manner that shows respect for their history and local architecture.  At RBD , we have a wealth of experience with mews houses, particularly in the exclusive neighbourhoods of Knightsbridge, Mayfair and Belgravia, and we understand the intricacies of their construction, history and local planning policy.  Our success in this sector is evidenced by one our completed projects in Pont Street Mews, London which achieved the second highest price per square foot of any mews house in London at the point of sale.  We are committed to producing the best possible possible results for our mews house clients, using our expertise to ensure that the renovations and extensions are sympathetic to the building’s character and heritage.


Planning permission for Mews house renovations have become intensely complex and we have a 100% success rate for gaining planning consents for additional floor space to include subterranean floors and outdoor areas in London boroughs.


If you would you like to view finished Mews House projects to help you with ideas for layouts, adding additional floors, basement ideas plus design inspiration please call us for a chat.

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You can see a selection of our design work in our project portfolio. To help answer some of your questions regarding Mews House renovations,  please consult our answers to client’s frequently asked questions.

Mews House Architectural Design Services

Home cinema & bespoke wet bar with a revolution wave marble counter-top with polished nickel basin and taps

Mews House Basement Extension Architects

Basement excavations have proved particularly popular for London mews houses, these subterranean rooms are an excellent way of limiting the visual impact on a property.

Mews House Planning Permission and Estate Applications

At RBD Architecture & Interiors we have previously worked with Local Authorities to achieve and successfully obtain Planning Consent for all types of Mews House extensions and alterations.

Mews House Terrace

Mews House - Adding A Terrace or Outdoor Area

Lack of outdoor space in Mews Houses is often resolved with the addition of either a roof terrace, balcony or terrace room (retractable roof – convertible ‘winter garden’). Click to see some examples.

Montrose Place Lounge Area

Mews House Architectural Design & Interiors

Our services are tailored to suit each client and project. These services are based on the current RIBA Plan of Work which is recognised in the industry as the UK model for the building design and construction process.

Mews House Renovation & Extension Costs

The build cost will depend on several variables including the complexity of the design, extent of structural works and level of fixtures, fittings and material finishes. Continue reading to learn more.

Landing with custom made door & chandelier

Mews House Case Study

We have worked on a number of successful Mews House architecture, renovation and interior design projects. Take a tour through our latest completed Mews House developments in Belgravia, London.

The Design Process

Architectural Services Design Stage One

Design Stage One

Project Strategy, Brief, Concept Design

Following initial discussions with the client, we will prepare a project strategy and a brief for your Mews House. This will consider the client’s requirements, key objectives, the project budget, programme and design aspirations.

Next, we will arrange a measured survey and gather site information before preparing a feasibility study based on the brief. During this stage, we will outline all project constraints and opportunities, applicable statutory requirements and likely input required from other consultants. Depending on the scale and complexity of the project, it may be necessary to appoint a Quantity Surveyor from this point forward to advise on project cost.

After discussing the results of the feasibility study with the client, we will prepare a concept design focusing not only on form, function and aesthetic, but early consideration of structure and building services. We will also consider materials, method of construction, site logistics and the project budget. The concept design often comprises of multiple options to be discussed and reviewed with the client. We typically use CAD drawings and 3D visuals at this stage to present our work.

Architectural Services Design Stage Two

Design Stage Two

Developed Design & Planning

Once the concept design has been agreed we will liaise with the local planning authority and any other statutory consultees. We will then prepare and submit the relevant planning applications, supporting drawings, assessments and statements, and manage each application through to determination. RBD Architecture & Interiors have extensive knowledge of local authority planning policy and the planning process and have considerable experience working with listed buildings, conservation areas and greenbelt development. We pride ourselves on maintaining an approval success rate of over 95% including applications of various degrees of scale and complexity.

Architectural Services Design Stage Three

Design Stage Three

Technical Design & Tender

Once planning consent has been granted,we will prepare the technical design – a construction package of detailed drawings, schedules, product information and health & safety information for pricing. We usually recommend seeking tenders from a minimum of three principal contractors.

The development of the technical design is a continuation of the design process requiring careful coordination of our design with information provided by the other appointed consultants. Our preferred approach is to work closely with our clients during the preparation of this information to make all key design decisions before work commences on site. This will help ensure that the construction cost and programme is kept to a minimum.

The technical design will include important information such as setting out, construction details, mechanical and electrical specifications and Building Regulations notes. All tendering contractors will also be provided with a summary of the proposed Building Contract particulars.

Architectural Services Design Stage Four

Design Stage Four

Contract Administration, Construction, Handover

Once a principal contractor has been chosen, we will act as Contract Administrator, assisting with the preparation of an appropriate Building Contract. The client and the principal contractor will formally agree terms relating to the proposed works, the construction programme and the contract value.

During construction, RBD will administer the terms of the building contract, carry out regular site inspections, respond to any contractor queries, monitor progress, and continue to manage and coordinate the design.

On completion of the works, we will prepare all relevant documentation for handover and review the final account.

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If you are thinking of buying a Mews house or plan to renovate and extend an existing home, we can help you maximise your project’s potential, research its planning history and advise on any limitations. We prepare and submit planning applications for freehold or estate management consents to various estates such as Grosvenor & Cadogan.

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