We offer a full architectural and interiors service that enables us to design your scheme from initial concept to fully costed design.

Our in-house architectural design team will tailor the design to suit your style and budget. They have the experience to create exceptional living spaces that are designed, constructed and meticulously planned to maximise contemporary living requirements, while emphasising your own personality, taste and design flair.

Planning Your Project

We follow the project design framework supplied by RIBA, which is outlined below.

In most cases, we will follow these steps in sequence. However, project stages may change or overlap depending on the nature of the project.


The RIBA Design Stages

1. Strategy & Briefing

In the first instance, RBD Architecture & Interiors will develop a Strategic Project Brief. This will outline your requirements and present your business case.

Through client meetings, site assessments, feasibility studies and extensive risk analysis, we will confirm exactly what needs to be achieved in order to meet the demands of your brief, and who is responsible for the various aspects of the project.

2. Concept Design

Our architectural team will prepare design concepts that meet your individual needs, all the while considering the structure of the property, building services, and, of course, the budget. We will typically use CAD drawings and 3D visualisations at this stage to help communicate our ideas.

3. Developed Design & Planning Applications

After liaising with the entire project team to finalise the spatial design, we will produce a full set of planning drawings ready for the full planning submission. Everything from planning statements and surveys to engineering reports and highways statements will be included within this documentation.

At this point we will confirm the cost plan with your chosen consultant or Quantity Surveyor. We will not sign off on the design until all fees are considered and all parties are happy with the proposed budgets.

4. Technical Design

We normally start work on your technical designs once planning approval has been received. We will put together drawings, descriptions and schedules that summarise your construction requirements and provide adequate information for tender.

The tender package will be sent to several contractors, and once construction programmes have been returned from each, we will analyse their quotes and choose with the client the most suitable providers for the project. This process may take several weeks.

5. Construction

Once a tender has been approved and the contractor chosen, contract terms can be agreed, and work can commence. We’ll visit your site regularly during construction to meet with contractors, liaise with consultants, and inspect activity to ensure everything is on track. If the original documentation needs to be amended in any way, we will issue design changes through a new set of architect’s instructions.

We can also work closely with your Quantity Surveyor to assess monthly valuations from your contractors and authorise payments for works and materials. A percentage from each payment will be held back and reissued to the contractor once we are satisfied that the work has been completed in line with your requirements.

6. Handover

When work is supposedly complete, we will visit your site for the final inspection and develop a snagging list. If the work does not meet the standards set out in the tender documents, we will recommend it is reviewed by the contractors. Then, once we are satisfied that all outstanding matters have been addressed, we will issue your Practical Completion certificate and release any and all retention monies to your contractors (depending on the terms of the agreement outlined in the tender).

At this point, the building contract will normally come to an end.

7. Monitoring

In some cases, RBD will be asked to monitor the maintenance of the building after the final handover. We can also be called upon to manage upgrades if the development needs to be expanded or improved.